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Your Swiss experts for security rooms

Welcome to the panic room experts from the Switzerland!

We offer you a team of experts around the Interior protection for highest demands. The Security Department of Havel hightec ag specializes in the installation of highly secured rooms in residential or commercial buildings, as well as on ships. Our security rooms offer screening and protection against intruders, gun fire or attacks with explosive devices in your professional or private environment. Accordingly our safety rooms offer you and your family a necessary protection against attacks and kidnapping attempts.
HAVEL hightec ag is known as a manufacturer of bullet-proof and this extremely lightweight components made of aluminium foam. These materials are suitable and adapted for the protection of buildings and vehicles against attacks with firearms and light explosifs.


HAVEL security -
combined know-how in the fields of SECURITY, MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY and SOFTWARE

HAVEL security is a venture of BridgeWard AG (Software), the HAVEL hightec ag (bullet-proof aluminium foam components) and independent security experts. HAVEL security is currently a department of HAVEL hightec ag that has taken over the international distribution of the common products.

Our products and services


  • 1) manufacture of components for the armor of rooms or buildings and vehicles
  • 2) planning of panic-room systems
  • 3) installation of security space systems in commercial and private buildings
  • 4) installation of security space systems on ships
  • 5) gunfire safety for vehicles and ships
  • 6) anti-piracy systems for ships and yachts
  • 7) anti-piracy systems for vans and trucks
  • 8) software applications for monitoring and system control by the customer



Highest security for you

With our applications BUSINESS SAFE© and FAMILY SAFE© we secure offices and living quarters against dangerous invaders, potential kidnappers and terrorist attacks. Any room of your home can be a security space!
Our systems allow the users a live monitoring of real estate and facilities and be informed through appropriate 'Alerts' about unauthorised entry.
Our BUSINESS SAFE© or FAMILY SAFE© are products designed for people or things that need special protection. Our safe rooms are specially secured rooms with their doors and walls reinforced by shelling safe Aluminium Foam Plates with their doors especially monitored.


Security rooms in buildings

A security room or panic room is used to withdraw of a present threat of burglars or terrorists. Our systems are equipped with walls reinforced by Aluminium Foam Panels, armored doors and Windows and are equipped with a telephone allowing the protected persons to call for help from outside the building. Additional features can be: food shelves, a toilet, a separate ventilation, facilities for observation of the area before the door by using video cameras, arms for self defense, as well as emergency lighting.
Usually bedrooms are designed as panic rooms with the aim to be in security there until the arrival of the police. A high passive safety by armored doors and Windows and an effective perimeter security with video surveillance and If necessary, security systems that detect intruders.

Panic Rooms on ships

Due by the increase of pirate attacks merchant ships and private yachts are equipped with reinforced panic rooms. This is to prevent that crew members and passengers are taken as hostages for the purpose of ransom extortion. Panic rooms shuould be equipped with appropriate communication equipment such as radio or satellite phone as well as with technical facilities to stop the engines or even assure the steering of the vessel. This way for example on October 23 2010 the crew of the heavy-lift cargo ship Beluga cruising the Indian Ocean was able to secure themselfs in the panic room. The attacking pirates left the ship unsuccessfully after they could not take hostages and a British frigate approached.

     Kurt Westergaard

Practical example

The Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was able to keep save on January 1 2010 from a murder attempt in the panic room of his apartment. This room was installed after Westergaard had received death threats because of the publication of Muhammad cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.

Fire safety

Our aluminium foam products which we offer in the form of pure foam components or as a so-called AFP (aluminium foam panel) provide security against the attack with firearms. They are characterized by extreme ease with a very high shock absorption capability. Upon request we secure you even against explosions in addition to, or in close proximity to your vehicle or panic rooms.



The cooperation with other teams of experts...

... locally and internationally is a necessity for us in order to expand our products and services or to offer their services directly to our customers according to individual requirements.



Feffetstrasse 14, CH-9464, Switzerland